Do you know all the functions of a Property Manager?

Do you know all the functions of a Property Manager?

With this new blog entry we want to explain our Property Administration service in more detail. What does it consist of? And why is it so important for a good coexistence? These are two of the main questions that new neighbors can ask themselves, well, today we want to develop this service in more depth.

Our experience and professionalism in the sector, together with our absolutely personalized treatment, constitutes the best presentation letter for the Martín Properties Administration. The services that will be carried out will be the following:

Attention and reception to the co-owners and neighbors of the community through email, telephone, or face-to-face visit at the office.

Management of the summons to Ordinary and / or Extraordinary Meetings-Meetings as established by the current Horizontal Property Law.

Acting as Secretary-Administrators at all the Ordinary and / or Extraordinary Meetings-Meetings that may be necessary. If needed, an interpreter will be available at the meetings.

Transcription of the agreements that are adopted in the different meetings (Ordinary and / or Extraordinary) to the Minutes book that we keep, providing a written copy of them to the owners of the Community.
Other services that a Property Administrator carries out are periodic visits together with the President of the Community, in order to check / verify the good state of conservation of the common elements and, taking a good note of the measures that result necessary to adopt in this regard.

  • Control, monitoring and planning of maintenance work in general.
  • Supervision of the work carried out by the Community staff, that is, employees of urban farms.
  • Telephone with 24 hour availability, for emergencies.

There are other types of services that are administrative:

  • Reception and attention of the Mandatory Electronic Notifications that your Community of Owners receives.
  • Permanent sending of briefs and informative communications to the owners, as well as the transcripts of all the agreements that are adopted in the different meetings of the neighbors.
  • We manage and control everything related to contracts with suppliers and insurance policies.

These are some of the functions that at Martin Properties we develop every day to improve our clients’ neighborhood communities. In addition, we have the owner portal as a help tool, which you can access through our website, where each user can control the status of the community accounts, register incidents or view the minutes of the neighborhood councils.

If this information has been interesting to you and you want us to have a meeting, write to [email protected]