Community management

Community management

A Community of Owners has different financial, legal and technical issues to meet the maintenance and economic management of an horizontal property, these issues require time that many owners do not have. That is why today, the communities request the services of a Property Administrator, a trained professional who is in charge of all the issues that need to be resolved in the community with complete security.

Thus, after 30 years of experience in the management of numerous properties on the Costa del Sol, Martin Properties – Administradores de Fincas a quality service managed by licensed and collegiate staff. This will allow you to enjoy your community without worries.

What services does a Property Manager offer you?

  1. Secretarial tasks
  2. Administration tasks
  3. Conservation tasks
  4. Emergencies

We offer you:


Control of slow payers

24 hour information

Clear accounts

Cost savings and control

Care and solutions

At your service 24 hours a day!