What is the Property Management service?

What is the Property Management service?

The Property Management service or property manager, is the work that ranges from the possible reform of a property to its daily administration. We are talking about a complete management in which the owner does not worry about his property since, we take care of everything related to the house and keep the owner informed at all times. This is a benefit sought by owners who have real estate as an investment, second home, or need a company that takes care of everything that may arise in their home so they do not waste their time dealing with several companies only with Martin Properties & Services.

The figure of the Property Manager is a professional profile that is dedicated to freeing owners from the burden of rental management, maintenance and administration of their properties.

The property manager has a high knowledge of the regulations and legislation on leases, this profile has a high capacity to manage multiple homes, solving everything from tenant complaints to the repair of damages. On the other hand, they are also responsible for looking for ideal guests, with a solvent profile and that does not generate conflicts in the property. They are in charge of carrying out the check in and check out of the guests, and can solve aspects such as cleaning services, laundry and repairs.

The property management service in the case of second private residences, is dedicated to the perfect maintenance of the home, freeing the owner from concerns related to the property, having good communication between the owner and Martin Properties, so that he is aware at all times of the state this. If you have more than one property, you can imagine the volume of work that you can save by hiring this figure, and the peace of mind that can cause you knowing that your properties are in the best hands.

For this reason, it is very difficult for all these functions to be carried out by a single person. Martín Properties offers its clients each and every one of these services described above. The company has a specialized team that provides remodeling, repair and maintenance services throughout the year, 365 days a year. We also advise owners on property policies and insurance to be covered against any claim.

Do you still have doubts about our Property Management service? Visit us and we will solve all the questions you may have.